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The Purpose Of Government

Many Americans criticize socialized healthcare, and believe that government should not play a role in the healthcare system. Americans also generally disfavor other social benefits, such as public housing. Opponents to government regulation in these areas say that the government’s intervention prevents individuals in society from taking responsibility for their own actions. Other traditional governmental purposes, such as military defense, are also controversial subjects. Some citizens and politicians believe that the government should allocate fewer resources to military defense, while others advocate for a stronger military presence.

Following the Great Depression, President Roosevelt created several programs to stimulate growth in the economy. Constitution brought on the most refined form of government yet, statesmen of the world have further interpreted the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through a number of wide-reaching laws and regulations. These even stretch to include universal healthcare and wealth redistribution in some countries. Raphael’s The School of Athens shows the level of reverence given to rhetoric, politics, and philosophy as well as its importance in creating the Ancient Greek civilization. Figure 1Government is an interconnected part of our lives that protects its citizens, controls agreed-upon crimes, and regulates almost every market and industry to encourage fairness.

This fearful and uncertain situation would later be called “the state of nature” by many political philosophers. In 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan , he describes that this terrifying state led to people agreeing to give up a few basic rights in order to be governed and protected by a central body which he called the Leviathan. Too many politicians have forgotten that government’s only purpose is to improve citizens’ lives. They’ve come to believe it’s there to improve their lives.

This money is used to pay government expenditures and to transfer money to individuals and others. At the federal level, when the money raised is not sufficient to cover the money spent , the US Department of the Treasury may borrow money to finance the difference. States may borrow funds for projects but may not borrow to fund annual deficits, except Vermont, where its constitution does not preclude it from doing so. Consider two big-picture ways that the Preamble affects how the Constitution is to be interpreted. First, the Preamble specifies that what is being enacted is “this Constitution”—a term that unmistakably refers to the written document itself.

Through these actions, it enables, incentivizes, and forces certain behaviors (e.g. saving for retirement through Social Security and Medicare, attending minimum years of school, getting vaccinated) in an effort to maintain or improve various key metrics related to American life. Visualization Government Revenue & Expenditures Government Revenue & Expenditures A combined federal, state, local view of how funds flow in and out. The first part, the Preamble, describes the purpose of the document and the Federal Government.

It is an argument to move beyond the principles of the American founding and the original structure and purpose of the American government. In 1620, the Pilgrims established their colony in Massachusetts. Their pastor, John Robinson, charged them to elect civil leaders who would not only seek the “common good” but also, in a radical departure from practice in the rest of the world, eliminate special privileges and status between governors and the governed. The Pilgrims followed by organizing a representative government and holding annual elections. Most ideologies want a government that leaves individuals free to do anything they want, so long as they do not infringe upon the equal rights of others. They just have widely different views on what exactly those rights actually are.

I hope you check in next week to help tackle the first topic of discussion. Protection from fellow citizens includes enforcing civil law that defines property, contracts and minor injuries so people can effectively exercise their right to acquire and possess property and sue people for less than criminal injuries. State laws must protect the integrity of the family by defining marriage and specifying duties and rights of family members. Local governments provide a safety net for the destitute and needy. In addition, government supports the minimal moral duties and rights of a free society through schools, encouragement of religion and safe-guarding public monuments to the nation’s heroes. It is these rights which the Protestant clergy and citizenry in the American colonies had been discussing and debating for decades.

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